Service & Parts FAQs

faqQ: Do I need my VIN to order a part?

A: Yes. Today’s cars have so many options, the only way to be sure we get you the correct part the first time is to supply us with your VIN.

Q: Can I order a General Motors part from you for a brand you do not sell (e.g. Cadillac)?

A: Yes. We can order parts for all GM vehicles regardless of the brand.

Q: Can I still get parts for brands that the manufacturer has discontinued (e.g. Pontiac, Oldsmobile, or Mercury)?

A: Yes, we are able to order any part that is still in parts circulation. If the manufacturer still supplies it, we can order it.

Q: Can I pay for my part or service with a credit card?

A: Yes. We do not accept American Express, but do take all other major credit cards.

Q: What are Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS)?

A: (ABS) stands for an Anti-Lock Braking System. Anti-Lock Brakes keep you in control of the vehicle in a panic-stop situation by pumping the brakes many times per second. This means you Do Not pump the brakes in a panic-stop, but just hold the brake down. And remember you can steer around the obstacle while braking.

Q: My ‘Service Engine Soon’ light is on, what do I do?

A: The (SES) or ‘Service Engine Soon’ light is the most common concern in our Service Department. This warning indicator is most commonly related to an engine emissions abnormality. It should be properly diagnosed and repaired to prohibit any possible damage to your engine’s emission system. Once the system is repaired and passes the required tests it can be easily reset in our Service Department.

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