Sales FAQs

faqQ: Why does my trade value differ between dealers?

A: Although dealers may have different actual values for your trade-in, the big difference is the markup in the car they are trying to sell you. Sometimes your trade-in value mysteriously changes from car to car at the same dealer. They are adding part of their markup to your trade-in vehicle. Your trade-in value at our dealership will always be the same on any vehicle we have, even if ours is less expensive.

Q: What are these “Push, Pull, Drag” sales?

A: Dealers that conduct these types of sales have a large markup on their vehicles. They use the extra markup as part of your Trade-In Allowance. In other words, if we added an extra $10,000 to all of our vehicles, we could give everyone a $10,000 Minimum Trade Allowance. We never have sales or gimmicks like these of any kind. We believe these are another way to mislead the customer into thinking they are getting something they are not. Your trade-in value will be the real value to us, and not some inflated price.

Q: Who appraises my trade and how?

A: Usually a Manager or Vehicle Buyer will decide what your vehicles’ value is. They regularly participate in online or in-person regional car auctions, and use a variety of tools to determine the value of the vehicle. These tools include comparing vehicles like yours in our current or recent inventory and online dealer auction results.

Q: How do I buy a car from you over the Internet?

A: Contact us, and we will arrange financing, payment and delivery to your home. Please note that in most cases that involve a trade-in we would prefer to see you and your vehicle in person so that we can offer you top-dollar for your trade-in.